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How to Prevent Eyeliner from Running

Hate it when your eyeliner runs throughout the day? Then try this tip to help prevent your eyeliner from running.

Before you apply your eyeliner, apply a small amount of foundation over your upper and lower eyelids and set it with translucent powder. This creates a dry, grease-free surface area. Once you have applied the eyeliner, dust another layer of translucent powder to hold the liner in place.

If you prefer not to layer your eyelid with foundation and powder you can also try setting your eyeliner by tracing it with eyeshadow (same shade as your eyeliner).

For even longer lasting eyeliner, first stroke on pencil liner, then apply powder and eyeshadow on top. Then finish off by lining liquid eyeliner on top.

How to Prevent Eyeliner from Running



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