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Best Way to Apply Concealer for Dark Under Eye Circles

Looking for a way to hide dark circle underneath your eyes? Well then you have come to the right place! Follow this guide on how to conceal dark under eye circles.

How to apply concealer to hide dark circles

First you will need to use a light, non-greasy eye gel to prepare your skin underneath your eye. Make sure you use a light gel formulation because if you use a product that is too creamy, the concealer will then slide out of place. Once the eye gel is absorbed, use a small, firm bristled nylon concealer brush with a tapered end to apply concealer sparingly as possible to the dark areas underneath your eyes. You may be lucky as some concealer already come in a brush form for easy application.

Best Way to Apply Concealer for Dark Under Eye Circles

If you prefer not to use a brush then you can use your ring finger to gentle dab the concealer on. Blend the concealer well using a light patting motion. Avoid rubbing. Let the concealer set for a minute or two. If you find your dark circles are still showing then just apply another layer.

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